Fermin Glasper, PS
GLASPER Professional Services, Inc.
Fermin Glasper is a Geomatics Engineer who has over 20 years of applied experience and a diverse background in civil engineering, geomatics engineering, civil design, construction management, geotechnical engineering, strategic planning and project management. As Chief Executive Officer, his primary responsibility is to align the company, internally and externally, with its strategic vision. His secondary responsibility is to facilitate business outside of the company while guiding management and staff members towards the company’s principal objectives.

Before establishing Glasper Professional Services, Inc., Fermin spent more than a decade working for well-known engineering companies in Saint Louis County and Saint Charles County, Missouri. During this period, he made many significant contributions to those companies and he ascended to the position of Director of Surveying. As a consultant in the late 1990’s, he provided training to several engineering companies on post-processing and publication of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) results, to accommodate state and municipal requirements. As a Director, he streamlined processes and implemented procedures that resulted in increased capacity, market share and profits for his employer. As an employee, he restructured office and field procedures that increased productivity.

Fermin is 25-year veteran of the United States Armed Forces. He currently serves with the First Naval Construction Division as an Engineering Instructor and as a committee adviser who is responsible for the creation and implementation of construction methods, practices and procedures for more than 6,000 personnel assigned to the United States Naval Construction Force. Fermin has received more than 140 credit hours of Military sponsored training in engineering, geomatics, construction, leadership, supervision, management, communication, instruction methodology and planning.

Fermin is an educator, who has taught, trained and mentored over 50 collegiate students, colleagues, and employees, who have gone on to obtain professional licensure in civil engineering and land surveying, and have become  Commissioned Officers in the United States Armed Forces. 



National-Louis University (Europe)
 -Bachelor of Science, Management
     (Strategic Planning)​

Coastline College
-Associate of Science,
​      Construction Technology


​Geomatics Engineering
​Civil Engineering Design
​Construction Design Supervision
​​Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Professional Surveyor (PS)



Adjunct Instructor 
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences University of Wyoming

Adjunct Instructor
Civil/Construction & Surveying Technology Program
St. Louis Community College

13100 Manchester Road, Suite 85
​St. Louis, Missouri 63131
​314.966.9987 |