GLASPER Professional Services, Inc.
Civil Engineering & Surveying Services

Established in 2011, GLASPER is a technology-driven civil engineering and land surveying consulting firm headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Our team specializes in creating innovative engineering solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and software, which results is cost savings for our clients.

GLASPER DIFFERENCE: How technology sets us apart.

  1. The proper use of technology Saves Money
  2. The proper implementation of technology Maximizes Creativity
  3. The proper understanding of technology allows for a Deliverable  ​
     ​  that is
seamlessly integrated among all AEC Professionals

GLASPER is built on the principles of Quality, Trust and Integrity. These principles have allowed us to grow and develop into a strong and versatile company capable of providing high-quality and responsive professional services.

CORE VALUES: Commitment, Leadership, Accountability and Community

Our leaders have served on both state and local industry boards, and have helped to create the statutes that govern our profession. We define accountability as honoring every commitment to our clients and employees. We are also educators that believe in advancing the industry by investing in future generations.

GLASPER DIFFERENCE: TECHNOLOGY! Saves Money, Maximizes Creativity & Seamless Deliverables
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​Saint Louis, Missouri 63119
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